Sunday, August 12, 2007

Still in San Antonio!

Well I'm still here in San Antonio! I'm surprised I have lasted this long. It's been rough trying to maintain my sanity with all of the crap I've been dealing with since the last time I posted. Before I get into all of that, here's a recent picture of Ms. Sunshyne shining brightly!

Just to get yall up to speed, last November I found out that I was pregnant and had a mini-nervous break-down, which happened to be the same month that I took on a new job because writing wasn't gettin it. After about four months of depression from both the pregnancy and trying to mustar the energy to arrive at work everyday, I finally began to let reality set in. With a new burst of energy from that second trimester hormone dip I began to start perrusing the infant isles at popular department stores, and actually began to feel better.

Just when all began to look up for me, I got arrested! I won't tell the reason, but believe me when I say it was the stupidiest reason to arrest a pregnant woman you can imagine. After spending a day and a half in the county jail, which you can probably imagine felt like a month, I was released. However, the effects of dealing with the county judicial systems follows you for awhile. I then had to pay all of these fees and bail money, which sucked my pockets dry for the next two months (installments- a gift and a curse).

Any way, I returned to work trying to put all that had happened behind me when, my young 2 year vet from college, supervisor withheld my mileage check! As you can probably imagine we had words, which lead to a meeting with the program director and then a private meeting between myself and the executive director of my program. When the smoke cleared, I received what was due to me, but all of the stress from the situation is the point of all this writing.

On May 07,2007 my little newborn son died. I have been mourning his death for about three months now and it continues to come in waves. I can't seem to find a way past it. I thought if I try to put more energy into work I could hide from it or at least push it to the back of my mind for a while. Did I mention that I am a Parent Educator, working with parents and babies to provide developmental information. Well, I do! I work with babies all day everyday and it is torture for me.

Anyway, the nightmare didn't stop there. Two weeks later my mother had a severe heart attack and need triple bypass surgery. I had to jump in my car and drive all the way to Michigan for the second time, and believe me that trip sucks!

As you can probably imagine, It has been particularly difficult to do any of the things that I enjoyed last year. I haven't really been able to homeschool Sunshyne the way that I have wanted to and do many of the things that I would like to do with her. I guess that is why I am writing this post, because I need to get back to the things that I enjoy in life and continue with the things that I want to do. Even if I can't do them often, I can still enjoy the occasional luxury and isn't that what it's all about.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunshyne At The Firestation

Every kid knows the anxious excitement of watching the big red fire engine race by with sirens blaring. The sound of the truck's intense horns and bells command that small children pop up from there car seats, tossing there little heads from side to side to locate the majestic vehicles. Why is there such intrique for youngsters when it comes to rescue vehicles, particularly the fire engines? The fire engine stands apart from all other rescue vehicles in a way that makes me wonder why? Perhaps it is it's striking color of red, or maybe the ladders that adorn it like a king's crown. I truly don't know, but my little Sunshyne LOVED her experience at the firestation! She smiled and posed with firemen, she dressed up in an official fireman hat and jacket, she even sprayed water from the fire truck hose! How exciting it was to tour the firestation and experience first hand all of the things about the fire trucks that one wonders about when watching them zoom by to help other's in need. I can truly say that it was an experience that I will never forget, and I hope that my Sunshyne won't either.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Check Me Out!!

As you've probably read in my bio, I've been trying to do a little freelance writing since becoming a stay-at-home-mom. Well it's official! I actually have some REAL published work on the internet. I know, I couldn't believe either! I guess there's hope for me after all. My first online article is featuring those wonderful Heritage Makers products that I love so much. There's also a little Sunshyne in the article to help brighten things up . The article is published on the Alpha Mom website. Alpha Mom is a innovative 24/7 cable television network with Comcast Cable. The network is all about us "mom folk" which can really make a mommy feel proud. All day and night broadcasting dedicated to being a mom! Where can I get that? Unfortunately it's not on Time Warner Cable yet, but not to worry, it's coming! Alpha Mom features advice on everything from healthy cooking and eating habits for you and your child, to the best mommy & baby classes. One of the features that I like best is that you get tips and advice from both experts and real moms. The network launched in May 2005 and was founded by Isabel Kallman and Vicky Germaise. They have been featured in many media venues including the New York Post, the Chicago Tribune, and Woman's Day magazine (my personal favorite).

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In addition to my first online article with Alpha Mom, I have contributed articles to a few newsletters, and small publications. I've now decided to focus on the online content for now though, (my main profession is still Diva Momma). I'm working on doing some book reviews for and my latest project with will be ready for launch in early November. I'm the new writer for the preschool games section. This writing thing might just work itself out!

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Trip To The Dentist!

Normally, I wouldn't write about such mundane events such as going to the dentist's office. However, this was a unique experience as it involved a new dentist for my daughter here in San Antonio.

Sunshyne must have been a little nervous before we went inside, asking if she would get a sucker when she was done. "Who asks for a sucker after visiting the dentist?" Of course this was my own quiet ponder, my verbal response was "No sweetie, the dentist doesn' t believe in giving little girls cavity provoking, sugar based treats" well... maybe it was a bit more like "No, the dentist gives out stickers and really cool toothbrushes!" At any rate she quickly got over the "be good and you'll get a treat" bribery tactics, when she noticed all of the kids over-running the place. This was her type of party! She quickly joined in and staked her claim as child master conversationalist. While she made the rounds interviewing other children about there personal backgrounds, I filled out the paperwork and kept my ears open for any inappropriate lines of questioning from her. Listening to her direct approach for questioning and smooth, calculated subjects changes would make Oprah proud. Watch out Oprah, Sunshyne is on her way! I love it when she has her hand on her hip, her head is slightly tilted to the side, and she has this very serious facial expression. I know that she is sincerely
contemplating your responses and she's always prepared with the follow-up question. Okay, I'll get over the proud mom thing and get back to the story.

Finally, it's Sunshyne's turn to go into the back area for an x-ray, the nurse was so nice that I wanted to make her a thank you card right then and there. Of course, I'm not anal retentive enough to carry around thank you cards everywhere I go, but the thought crossed my mind. After getting her x-rays it was time to meet the dentist. He had this big ole crocodile (or alligator, I never can tell), with huge teeth that she was able to brush. She's great brushing something else's teeth, not so thorough with her own though. She hopped into the chair as only a pro would do, and prepared for me to take pictures for her "before" shot. No... I'm not going to completely embarrass her by posting a "before" shot!

To sum it up, her teeth turned out white and sparkly. I was happy, and she was happily plastered with stickers. As an additional bonus she racked up on some costume jewelry, a super cool, hot pink toothbrush, and a crocodile toothbrush cover. This was a great dentist adventure!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Urgent Trip to Michigan

This past week has been an emotional rollercoaster in which I'm currently still riding. My mother went into the hospital last week, the day before she was scheduled to come to San Antonio to visit me. She was so ill that she asked that I bring Areya-Sunshyne to Flint instead. I began to worry about the severity of her situation and decided to rent a car the very next day and drive from San Antonio, TX to Flint, Michigan. The Photo that I have included was taken somewhere in Arkansas. It rained so hard that I couldn't see the road right in front of me. When it stopped raining there was a beautiful rainbow peeking out beneath the cloudy sky. I failed to capture it's full glory but I was driving while trying to capture this shot for my daughter's enjoyment.

It was a glorious yet long and draining road trip. I'd decided to go from Texas through Arkansas from there Missouri then I would hit Illinois then drive a bit through Indiana to Michigan. It was a drive that took me roughly twenty-two hours. I know what you're thinking "I'm reading the writings of a crazy woman!" In my defense, this is my mother we are talking about here. Anything for mom, right?

It was great to see many of my family members that I haven't seen in over a years time. In particularly my sister whom moved from Michigan to Huntsville, Alabama well before my move to San Antonio. I was also able to see my aunt Gloria whom I'd hadn't seen since I was a child, my aunt Gwen and my dad Claude are also included in the list of long lost loved ones that I'd gotten to visit.

Most importantly, I visited my mom in the hospital and she did not look well. Her skin looked dark and her eyes seemed to have difficulty focusing on face. I hugged and kissed her but that affectionate reunion was short lived. Areya jumped up and down yelling "Nana, Nana!" and my mother quickly turned her attention to the human jumping bean. My mom smiled when she saw her and her face lit up. Areya is her little buddy and has been every since she came into this world. They have some sort of bond that I can't really explain. I think that my mother sees much of herself in Areya. Whatever it is, it's weird!

A few days later on one of our visits to the hospital, Areya discovered that Nana's foot was bleeding and swollen. Areya asked my mom "what's wrong with your foot?'' I thought it ironic that no one had noticed my mother's foot swollen, deeply bruised, and bleeding (especially nursing staff). I took a closer look at it and noticed that there was much more going on with it than just bruising and bleeding. I immediately called a nurse in to have a look and perhaps gain some professional insight. The nurse told us that her foot looked as if it were infected and that she would clean it and wrap it once we'd left. My brother, sister-in-law and I began to worry and told my mother that we were going to leave so that the nurse could care for her. The next day we found out that one of her toes was dead and infecting others, they were going to have to amputate at least three of her toes! We were all completed shocked and upset when we heard the news. Mom was scared! There's an indescribable feeling of helplessness that accompanies a traumatic event involving your mother or your child. I've felt that twice in my life and would be very grateful to never have to feel it again.

The week began to come to a close and I needed to get back to turn in the rental car that I'd been sporting during the trip. The amputation hadn't been scheduled before I left. I dreaded the long drive back home and decided to take a different route back home, hoping it would yield me less driving time.

I was so glad to be home! Two days after my homecoming I received a call from my sister telling me that my mom had the surgery. I was relieved to hear that she was in the recovery room. However, the next day while in dialysis the hospital staff administered a pain relieving drug to her that she was allergic to and she stopped breathing. Although she was revived from this horrific experience, I continue to worry about her because she is still in the hospital and I am still 1500 miles away.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Clay Casa

Just look at the intent focus and attention to detail in that face!

I'd decided to check out Clay Casa's paint your own pottery studio with Areya. I thought it would be a good creative outlet for her since we've started this new homeschooling thing. I'll be the first to admit that I haven't got the best plans for her arts and crafts segment. I'd decided to check out their website first and while I was there found some great printable coupons. It sounded simple enough, so I printed off the coupons and we were on our way. The Mocha Moms group that I've been tagging along with were going as one of their outings. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to check it out. If I didn't like it, at least I'd have some adults to talk too!

It was just my luck that we arrived late and the other moms and their daughters were finishing up their projects. Areya found the piece of pottery that she wanted to paint right away, a mug with a kitten on it. I thought we should look around to see if there was something that I wouldn't mind displaying in my house. That didn't happen as Areya feels that (almost) being five years old entitles her to the right to make huge decisions, such as choosing her own greenware. Well, needless to say she got the mug with the kitten's head on one side and butt on the other. To promote the "big girl" syndrome even further with my daughter, the gentleman working in the shop escorted Areya over to a large display of colored tiles hanging on a nearby wall. "What colors would you like to paint your mug?" he asks her. I was completely booted out of any decision making on this project with that clever move. I immediately knew that my daughter had found the long awaited moment of creative independence that she'd longed for over the years. "Purple" she replied, "I want to paint my cat purple!" I couldn't resist one last attempt at trying to convince her to paint something that I could proudly display. A purple cat just wasn't in the cards for me. "Purple?" I said in an unsure tone. Hoping that she would pick up on my cue of blatant desperation. "Purple!" she confidently replied, and that was the end of that.

She took a seat and began painting away. I talked with the other moms for awhile until they left. Afterwards, I presented the gentleman that was working there with the coupon that I had. He informed me that I would have to paint a mug as well, as a condition of the coupon...COOL! I grabbed my mug and choose my own colors and went to work painting my master piece. Areya and I sat and talked about what we were going to use our mugs for, and how proud daddy was going to be of us, and had a great time. After we finished painting we turned them in to the gentleman so that they could be glazed and fired. We will be picking them up tomorrow and can't wait to see our finished work!

Clay Casa 502 Embassy Oaks Suite 107, San Antonio TX 78216


Friday, August 25, 2006

What's Happening?

I have taken quite a bit of time off from writing this blog. During that time I have been actively participating in a few mommy groups in San Antonio. I've also started a new business that I love. I've enrolled Areya in cheerleading classes and Eric went back home to Michigan for a few weeks to visit relatives. Yeap, I lead a busy and productive life now. I can't wait to tell you all about it! The most recent and exciting thing happening is that I've decided to homeschool Areya. We started this past week, and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it has been. It's a lot to talk about so I guess I'll break down all of the events and spread them out over the next few posts. This entry will focus on one of the mommy groups that I joined and one of the adventures that we shared.

Mocha Moms is group focused on the choice by African-American mothers to stay home and raise their children. I attended the first meeting at the President of the San Antonio chapters' home. It was wonderful! All of the children sitting at an oversized dinette table covered with craft paper, coloring their little hearts out. The moms were gathered in the spacious and beautifully furnished living area, talking in small scattered groups. The group was diverse and that works rather well. The meeting was called to order and everyone went around in a circle and introduced themselves. There were quite a few newbies to the group, which made me feel even more comfortable. We discussed meet-ups, education, pediatricians, best hair salons and other mommy related topics.
I actually felt like I'd found home.

One of the best places that we went to as a group was located in New Braunsfels, the McKenna Children's Museum. This place was beautiful! Upon entering the outer doors, you're delighted by the array of wonderfully stocked, bright colored educational toys and paraphenalia in the gift shop. In the gift shop is also where you purchase your tickets (clever marketing), and then Exploring begins! The artifacts and exhibits are vividly painted and the facility seems to be well keeped up. There are colorful oversized pictures that please the eye. The entire museum has a very modern and clean look. The best part about it is there's something there for all ages to enjoy. Some of the exhibits include the general store where children can grab a shopping cart and load up on the large assortment of staples, produce and other groceries needed to create our future shoppers. They're all plastic, but it all looks so real! Areya enjoyed ringing up all the tiny customer's orders and gladly taking the money that the children picked up at the local bank. The bank, which is right next door to the general store, comes complete with an ATM machine for children on the run! Other attractions are an old school house, bat cave, outdoor water/sand area, space exploration and more. There's tons of stuff to do, moms get to pretend and have fun alongside their children. To top it all off, I was with a great group of women that enjoyed playing with their children as much as I did with mine. It really doesn't get any better than that!

The Museum has an yearly membership option, which is very reasonable. Although I did not purchase the membership that day, I will definitely be buying it soon. The general admission is $5.50 Labor Day to Memorial Day and $7.50 Memorial Day to Labor Day, members and infants 0-12 months are Free! Hours of play are 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday-Saturday and Noon to 5:00pm on Sundays (Memorial Day thru Labor Day). Tuesday through Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm (Labor Day thru Memorial) and same time on Sundays.

I hope you decide to check it out and leave some comments on your experience!