Friday, September 29, 2006

Trip To The Dentist!

Normally, I wouldn't write about such mundane events such as going to the dentist's office. However, this was a unique experience as it involved a new dentist for my daughter here in San Antonio.

Sunshyne must have been a little nervous before we went inside, asking if she would get a sucker when she was done. "Who asks for a sucker after visiting the dentist?" Of course this was my own quiet ponder, my verbal response was "No sweetie, the dentist doesn' t believe in giving little girls cavity provoking, sugar based treats" well... maybe it was a bit more like "No, the dentist gives out stickers and really cool toothbrushes!" At any rate she quickly got over the "be good and you'll get a treat" bribery tactics, when she noticed all of the kids over-running the place. This was her type of party! She quickly joined in and staked her claim as child master conversationalist. While she made the rounds interviewing other children about there personal backgrounds, I filled out the paperwork and kept my ears open for any inappropriate lines of questioning from her. Listening to her direct approach for questioning and smooth, calculated subjects changes would make Oprah proud. Watch out Oprah, Sunshyne is on her way! I love it when she has her hand on her hip, her head is slightly tilted to the side, and she has this very serious facial expression. I know that she is sincerely
contemplating your responses and she's always prepared with the follow-up question. Okay, I'll get over the proud mom thing and get back to the story.

Finally, it's Sunshyne's turn to go into the back area for an x-ray, the nurse was so nice that I wanted to make her a thank you card right then and there. Of course, I'm not anal retentive enough to carry around thank you cards everywhere I go, but the thought crossed my mind. After getting her x-rays it was time to meet the dentist. He had this big ole crocodile (or alligator, I never can tell), with huge teeth that she was able to brush. She's great brushing something else's teeth, not so thorough with her own though. She hopped into the chair as only a pro would do, and prepared for me to take pictures for her "before" shot. No... I'm not going to completely embarrass her by posting a "before" shot!

To sum it up, her teeth turned out white and sparkly. I was happy, and she was happily plastered with stickers. As an additional bonus she racked up on some costume jewelry, a super cool, hot pink toothbrush, and a crocodile toothbrush cover. This was a great dentist adventure!