Monday, July 03, 2006

Fabulous Food Find

So... I finally made some friends here , it only took me three long months. I was beginning to wonder if my charming personality decided to stay in Michigan. Anyway, we went out to dinner for a "girl's night out" sort of thing. It was great to be able to ditch my husband for awhile and let loose with the girls. Isn't it funny that a girls idea of "letting loose" is going out to eat some sinful meal, loaded with calories, that will take hours in the gym to get rid of.

My friend suggested that we check out this place called Salito's Mexican Cuisine. I was all for it even though I haven't really found the type of Mexican cuisine that I'd been use to eating in Michigan, here in San Antonio. "Hold on"...I have got to tell you about this restaurant my husband and I went to the first month that we were here, this won't take but a second. First of all, in Detroit when you go to a Mexican restaurant and ask for tacos, your plate is graced with beautiful golden brown shelled tacos filled with meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. My husband looooooves... tacos! When we go out and order tacos we order for a family of 15. He'll usually say something like "can I have thirty-five tacos to go please"? I'm thinking who's going to eat all of those tacos, my four year old might eat two, I can eat four max, and my son eats about four. Anyway, we go to this Mexican restaurant here in San Antonio and my husband orders twenty-four tacos to go. My hunger meter is on starve, and I can't wait to get home to eat. We finally arrive at the house and I head straight for the kitchen to make our plates. Open up the tacos and they are full of mashed up beans, lettuce, and tomatoes????? What is up with that? I could not believe it! I was hunger but not hungry enough to eat a taco with no meat in it. As you can probably tell, I was in complete and utter shock. I think I may still be suffering from the sheer trauma of it all...that explains why I'm writing about that incident versus writing about what I'm suppose to be telling you about, the fabulous food find.

Okay, I will try to stay focused this time. Where was I...Oh yea, me and two of my new friends go to Salito's for a girls night out. The place is absolutely beautiful inside and out. It has an upscale, casual, southwestern feel to it. They're playing a little Latin music in the background, while you look over the extensive menu. Everything on the menu is affordable and is plated up beautifully upon presentation. We're all sitting there looking at other people's dishes as they were coming out, while anxiously awaiting our own. The waiter promptly brought out chips and salsa for us to enjoy. We had a wonderful conversation while sipping on our beverages and popping tortilla chips. The food came out and I was awe struck, It looked absolutely scrumptious! I was pleasantly surprised by this place. The service, food, and atmosphere was surreal! How often do you find a place like that, at a casual dining restaurant?
So I want to recommend Salito's on the corner of Bandera Rd. and Loop 1604 for a great dining out option. Check it out!