Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunshyne At The Firestation

Every kid knows the anxious excitement of watching the big red fire engine race by with sirens blaring. The sound of the truck's intense horns and bells command that small children pop up from there car seats, tossing there little heads from side to side to locate the majestic vehicles. Why is there such intrique for youngsters when it comes to rescue vehicles, particularly the fire engines? The fire engine stands apart from all other rescue vehicles in a way that makes me wonder why? Perhaps it is it's striking color of red, or maybe the ladders that adorn it like a king's crown. I truly don't know, but my little Sunshyne LOVED her experience at the firestation! She smiled and posed with firemen, she dressed up in an official fireman hat and jacket, she even sprayed water from the fire truck hose! How exciting it was to tour the firestation and experience first hand all of the things about the fire trucks that one wonders about when watching them zoom by to help other's in need. I can truly say that it was an experience that I will never forget, and I hope that my Sunshyne won't either.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Check Me Out!!

As you've probably read in my bio, I've been trying to do a little freelance writing since becoming a stay-at-home-mom. Well it's official! I actually have some REAL published work on the internet. I know, I couldn't believe either! I guess there's hope for me after all. My first online article is featuring those wonderful Heritage Makers products that I love so much. There's also a little Sunshyne in the article to help brighten things up . The article is published on the Alpha Mom website. Alpha Mom is a innovative 24/7 cable television network with Comcast Cable. The network is all about us "mom folk" which can really make a mommy feel proud. All day and night broadcasting dedicated to being a mom! Where can I get that? Unfortunately it's not on Time Warner Cable yet, but not to worry, it's coming! Alpha Mom features advice on everything from healthy cooking and eating habits for you and your child, to the best mommy & baby classes. One of the features that I like best is that you get tips and advice from both experts and real moms. The network launched in May 2005 and was founded by Isabel Kallman and Vicky Germaise. They have been featured in many media venues including the New York Post, the Chicago Tribune, and Woman's Day magazine (my personal favorite).

People out there with Comcast, don't wait around ya gotta check out Alpha Mom! For us Time Warner subscriber's get a taste of the hottest programming for moms at

In addition to my first online article with Alpha Mom, I have contributed articles to a few newsletters, and small publications. I've now decided to focus on the online content for now though, (my main profession is still Diva Momma). I'm working on doing some book reviews for and my latest project with will be ready for launch in early November. I'm the new writer for the preschool games section. This writing thing might just work itself out!

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